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About Us

Hamner's Farm is a multi-generational family farm located near Lavonia, Georgia.

  We produce grass-fed beef and forest-raised pork while regenerating and restoring the land that we love using careful management.  We employ intensive rotational grazing in our pastures, generally moving our cattle herd to a new paddock every day.  Our cows are completely grass-fed from birth to finish.

  Our pigs are raised outdoors in a stress-free environment and forage for roots, nuts, insects, and plants on the forest floor. Their more varied diet, regular exercise, and exposure to sunlight result in more nutrient-dense meat that is much healthier for you, with a rich, delicious taste.

  Our management practices enable us to maximize plant recovery and soil health, sequester carbon from the atmosphere, maintain clean and healthy watersheds, and raise healthy, happy animals.  Our sacred aim is to cultivate this land to the best of our ability and to produce meat that is healthy for our families and the families of our customers.

About Us: Our Farm
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