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Let Us Know How We Can Help You

Learn more about our farm. If you have any questions about our products, our events, or anything else going on at Hamner's Farm, take a look at our list of frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Do you offer online sales?

We don't offer online sales at this time. But you can access our entire catalog of products through our website and plan your purchase with us in advance of your visit.
All of our delicious meats are available at our farm store. (Located at 1800 Pleasant Hill Circle Martin, GA 30557: Open Saturdays 2-5 pm) If you need to schedule a purchase outside of farm store hours, just call us at 706-498-7449

What markets does Hamner's Farm attend?

We have a consistent in-person presence at the Hall County Farmers Market (Tuesdays 2:30-6:30 pm) Athens Farmers Market (Saturdays 8-12 am), the Stephens County Market (Saturdays 8-12 am), and the Hartwell Farmer's Market (Saturdays 7-12 am). We also have an online presence at the Clemson Area Food Exchange. Any other markets we attend will be posted on our social media accounts. 

What products do you offer?

Our current beef and pork product offerings are detailed in our Farm Store Catalog. If you have a product in mind that you don't see there, let us know and we'll consider adding it to our catalog in the future.

Is your farm organic?

Our farm and foods are not USDA certified organic. However, we do not use any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizers on our farm.  We practice regenerative agriculture.  To us, that means that our ultimate goal is to maximize the ecological health of our farm and the surrounding environment.

Do you sell whole/half cows and pigs?

We offer whole and half-cows and whole pigs.
The whole cow price is $5 per pound based on an approximate hanging weight of 500 lbs.
The half-cow price is $5.50 per pound based on an approximate hanging weight of 250 lbs.
The whole hog price is $4.50 per pound based on an approximate hanging weight of 250 lbs. You place the order prior to butchering so you decide how you want the cuts processed.

For more information about our products or to place an order, contact us or visit our Farm Store. We are located at 1800 Pleasant Hill Circle Martin, GA 30557. Our Farm Store is open Saturday 2-5 pm, or call us at 706-498-7449.

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